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To grow a thriving business, Grow Cedar Valley investors know what it takes: relationships, opportunities, teamwork and commitment. By being a part of the region’s leading business organization, they are taking steps to effectively maximize all of these areas.

Our new 2020 Tiered Benefits menu is now available! For additional questions about your membership level or interested in joining contact, Director of Investor Relations, Jim Schaefer.

What to expect from your membership

Grow Cedar Valley Professional Development

Professional Development

Strengthen and grow your skills to further your career or learn something new. See what conferences and professional development opportunities we offer. 

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Make a Difference

Grow Cedar Valley investors love to being involved and make a difference in the community that they call home. As an investor, you have the opportunity to make a difference through one of our task forces, advocate for your business and community, become a Grow Cedar Valley ambassador, and much more!

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Make a Difference at Grow Cedar Valley

Tools & Resources for Growth for your business at Grow Cedar Valley

Tools and Resources for Growth

Regardless of the size or age of your business, we are here to provide you with needed resources and tools that will lead to future growth.

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Networking Opportunities

Making connections with others in the Cedar Valley businesses is key to future growth. Our events will connect you with other businesses and organizations here to grow your network and future opportunities

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Networking Opportunities at Grow Cedar Valley


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Our new Tiered Benefits menu is now available! See what membership is best for you.

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