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Cedar Valley Leadership Institute is designed to foster community awareness while developing individual leadership skills, giving leaders a broader view of civic leadership responsibilities and opportunities here in the Cedar Valley.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with CVLI

For over 40 years, CVLI has been a community-focused initiative designed to deepen your understanding of the local landscape and foster meaningful engagement with our community - all while enhancing your leadership skills.

Are you ready to grow your leadership skills and make a significant impact within the Cedar Valley community? The Cedar Valley Leadership Institute (CVLI) offers an unparalleled opportunity for midlevel professionals and small to midsize business owners to step into leadership roles with confidence and clarity.

Why Choose the Cedar Valley Leadership Institute?

  • Comprehensive Leadership Training: Dive deep into leadership development tailored specifically for midlevel professionals and small/midsize business owners. Acquire practical skills and insights to excel in your role and drive meaningful change.
  • Immersive Experience: Engage in real-world projects that challenge you to apply your newfound knowledge in tangible ways. From community initiatives to business strategies, learn by doing alongside industry professionals.
  • Exclusive Insights: Hear from top industry professionals and decision-makers in healthcare, education, religion, tourism, economic development, and more. Gain comprehensive knowledge of the region's diverse sectors and industries, empowering you to lead with a holistic understanding of our community. Gain invaluable perspectives and insider knowledge to inform your strategic decision-making process.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Access: Experience exclusive behind-the-scenes engagements with the top decision-makers in the Cedar Valley. Learn firsthand how decisions are made and strategies are implemented at the highest levels.
  • Visionary Leadership: Master the art of leading and enrolling the right people in your vision to create maximum impact within the community. Develop the skills to navigate complex community dynamics and foster meaningful connections with key stakeholders.
  • Personal and Professional Development: CVLI offers a transformative journey that goes beyond traditional leadership training. It's an opportunity to grow personally and professionally, equipping you with the tools and confidence to navigate and lead within the Cedar Valley.
  • Top Community and Business Leader Engagement: CVLI provides a unique learning experience with unparalleled access to community and business leaders. Forge connections, gain insights, and make a lasting impact on the Cedar Valley.

Join Our Next Cohort

Grow Cedar Valley is uniquely positioned to offer a leadership opportunity like no other organization. As the regional business chamber and economic development organization, we have the strongest relationships with the top decision-makers in business, political, and development and are involved with the most strategic growth in the Cedar Valley. Seize the opportunity to become a catalyst for change and impact at the highest level beyond your vision but with a collective vision to impact the entire Cedar Valley.

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$1,950 Grow Cedar Valley Investor Price

$2,500 Non-Investor Price

*Registration begins May 16, 2024 for the 2024-2025 class. All applications should be submitted to no later than Friday, July 19, 2024.

Class size is limited to 45 participants

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“CVLI has given me awesome opportunities to learn how I can contribute my time and ability for the benefit of those living in the Cedar Valley.“

 -2024 Green Team Member      

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