Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa – International Soft Landing

Setting Up Your Future U.S. Operation in Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa

Gradual and supported entry that eases the transition into the United States providing necessary support to ensure successful adaptation and integration below are a few ways we support global soft landings of international companies in the US.

Site Selection Assistance & Incentives - Throughout the years, we have assisted international companies in establishing their first operations in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls market, including helping them locate suitable leasing options, from small offices to larger office and industrial spaces and advocating on your behalf for state and local incentives. 

Connection to Local Service Providers - Our network of partners covers a variety of topics, including the cost of doing business, Iowa's tax structure, labor availability and job training assistance, and supply chain support, among others.

Customized Community & Location Tours - Our local team offers customized tours seven days a week, tailored to your schedule, from viewing business properties available for lease to engaging in coffee chats with other international executives who have relocated to the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area. We aim to connect you and your business with like-minded individuals.

Cost of Living Calculator - Our resource allows you to compare the cost of living across most locations in the continental US. Based on our experience, the relocation of key staff and their housing and living expenses is a factor in the overall cost of doing business in the US.

Networking opportunities through Grow Cedar Valley and partners helps integrate the company quicker into the community but also any relocating executive and family. 

Ongoing Support from economic development officials to ensure your businesses new location in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa market is successful from the onset and support your needs as you grow in the United States.

State and Local Tax Structure

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Available Buildings and Certified Sites

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