Economic Development


Economic Development

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Top Ranking Job Market
Ranked Top 10 in the U.S. for job markets, the Cedar Valley boasts an innovative startup culture, broad industrial economic base, and educational resources, new business find a welcome home in the Cedar Valley.
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Close to Major Markets
Less than a day’s drive to all major Midwest markets; Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Sioux Falls, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Louis.



Living Here

The Cedar Valley is a 6 county region with almost half of a million citizens participating in the culture and economy. 

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Business Information

Workforce information, site selection, data & maps, and more.

Cedar Valley Region’s population totals nearly 253,169 people in northeast Iowa with a potential labor force draw of 494,973 people. View 2019 laborshed report.

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Cedar Valley Region

Existing Industries

The Cedar Valley has many thriving businesses across several industries. We believe it is crucial to have a diverse mix of organizations and businesses that can provide a stronger and more secure future for the Cedar Valley.



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