Live the Valley Reaches One Million Views!

Since its launch on August 28, 2018, Live the Valley has reached over ONE MILLION people across the U.S.

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Live the Valley

Talent Attraction and Population Growth

Talent is the current economic development currency. For the last several years, Grow Cedar Valley has shifted our main focus to talent development, attraction and population growth.

This is being done by heightening community perceptions and reducing barriers. It became very important that communities highlight themselves as much as a hiring employer would promote their organization to a desirable candidate.

The Cedar Valley took a regional approach to market and promote the Cedar Valley through Live the Valley. By partnering regionally, Live the Valley packages many different opportunities for those looking to relocate; taking the best of what each community has to offer and sharing it, promoting the Cedar Valley through articles, videos and interactive tools

How can Live the Valley grow your business?

If you are looking to recruit talent to the Cedar Valley this is your go-to guide, resource and tool to help future employees picture their life here in the Cedar Valley.

Live the Valley is fulled equipped and optomized with active social media social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), a full length community magazine (print and digital), website and cost of living calculator showcasing the many great attributes of the Cedar Valley.

As a Grow Cedar Valley investor, you have exclusive access to all of these opportunities and resources. When you post a position on the Grow Cedar Valley job board, it is automatically posted to the regional job board that is used in our talent attraction efforts.

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Get your student employees and interns connected 

As a way to help grow your business and the community workforce, it is vital to have the student employees and interns picture themselves living here, calling the Cedar Valley home.

Every summer Live the Valley and Grow Cedar Valley co-host an event series called the Cedar Valley Intern Outings. Due to COVID-19, these events have been postponed to 2021, but reach out to if you have questions.