Cedar Valley Named Great Place in Iowa

posted on Thursday, August 1, 2019 in The Cedar Valley Community

We are proud to announce that the Cedar Valley Regional has been name as a Great Place in Iowa for the second year in a row. An award that everyone here in the community is constantly working hard day in and day out to make this place truly unique and an honestly "great place"! From those that have lived here their entire lives to those that coming for a weekend visit, we look forward to the continued growth of our community. 

Waterloo-Cedar Falls Named Iowa Great Place for second year in a row

Article from the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, written by Tim Jamison

WATERLOO — The Cedar Valley is once again one of the state’s “great places.”

The Department of Cultural Affairs has recognized the Waterloo and Cedar Falls metropolitan area under its Iowa Great Places program, which opens doors to potential grant funding for various projects.

The Cedar Valley is one of more than 40 communities and districts designated under the program created in 2005.

The area was first named as a great place in 2009 after developing a vision plan focused on recovering from the record 2008 flood. Grants were received to help rebuild the Ice House Museum in Cedar Falls and build the River Renaissance Trail in Waterloo.

Grow Cedar Valley applied for the re-designation this year with assistance from the Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments.Waterloo-Cedar Falls Region Bike Trails. Towns named Great Place in Iowa 2019

The process involved developing a new vision plan, which included the following areas: building a connection to the Cedar River and Black Hawk Creek, including a water trails master plan; maintaining a diverse, welcoming community; outdoor opportunities for all abilities and seasons; trails, bikeways and complete streets; and downtown urban living options.

The Cedar Valley is now eligible to apply for grants through the Department of Cultural Affairs for projects and programs designed to improve those areas listed in the vision plan.