Produce Iowa seeking all Iowans involved in media production to register their services

posted on Friday, August 30, 2013 in Blog

New statewide online database promotes local film crew and businesses

DES MOINES – Produce Iowa, the State Office of Media Production, launched a new online tool today that will enable the local media production workforce and support service companies to showcase their skills and facilities to producers considering film and media projects in Iowa.

Produce Iowa ReelCrew is a web-based production directory that is part of the ReelScout platform – an online software utility created for film offices to provide state-of-the-art crew and location management. It is used by more than 60 film offices and commissions in the United States and Produce Iowa is the first to introduce this feature to Iowa.

“We are proud to partner with ReelScout to offer this national service to Iowans,“ said Liz Gilman, executive producer of Produce Iowa. “It has become an industry standard for databases and will help bring our state up a notch and give media producers considering Iowa as a potential project location a more accurate inventory of the talent and skills we have to offer.”

Iowa residents with production experience can go to to set up an account and register their information free of charge. Once an inventory is created, Produce Iowa will release the information to the public complete with a search engine on its website. Media professionals will then be able to effectively track, manage and promote local crew and businesses in order to grow the production industry in Iowa.

“The IMPA is pleased to support the Produce Iowa website with our resources,” added Stephen Jennings, president of the Iowa Motion Picture Association. “It is clearly an important tool to further develop and foster Iowa's media industry. There cannot be too many marketing tools for professionals and businesses in our state to aid in the re-emergence of the creative economy.”



Produce Iowa, along with the State Historical Society of Iowa, State Historical Museum of Iowa and the Iowa Arts Council, is under the direction of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA). The DCA is responsible for developing the state's interest in the areas of the arts, history, preservation and other cultural matters. Mary Cownie serves as its director. More information about Produce Iowa and the DCA can be found at