Opportunities Left by PFG

posted on Friday, August 3, 2012 in Blog

The well documented but still emerging bankruptcy of PFGBEST placed the Cedar Valley of Iowa in the national headlines. In the wake, nearly 200 people were left out of work, financial obligations to global investors, suppliers, and a variety of other interests, including the GCVAC remain unmet. Though this event and its fallout present challenges, it also opens doors of opportunity for Cedar Valley businesses and GCVAC to respond with practical and creative solutions.


A state of the art building filled with advanced information technology infrastructure is now available for growth of a Cedar Valley business, or a new corporate citizen. Further, the availability of former PFG and MyVerona employees provides an opportunity for local companies to hire well trained and highly skilled talent in a wide range of jobs.


To facilitate this, the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber established Cedar Valley Talent Connect. In cooperation with our local economic development partners, workforce agencies and the GCVAC investor base, Talent Connect facilitates the match of PFG's displaced job seekers with businesses looking to hire through job fairs, and web-based tools for sharing resumes and job postings. Beyond the immediate circumstances, Cedar Valley Talent Connect will be further developed and deployed to respond to ongoing demand for skilled, talented people in the Cedar Valley.


The national and regional media attention is providing opportunities to accentuate our talented people and expanding businesses. By concentrating on helping you, our investors, to match your open job opportunities with available PFG talent, and seeking future uses for the extraordinary, available headquarters building, we're working to keep the demise of PFG from overshadowing the great things that are happening all over the Cedar Valley economic area. We will continue to use the attention drawn by this unfortunate event to present the stories of success of our businesses and talented people of the Cedar Valley. Our – your – resilience and determination to succeed is the correct, lasting storyline.