How You Can Leverage Our New Live the Valley Magazine for Your Own Growth!

posted on Wednesday, December 20, 2023 in Live the Valley

Looking for different way that you can use our new Live the Valley magazine to aid in your success? We have curated a few different ways that we’ve seen other businesses use these magazines to further promote the Cedar Valley. This helps the community as a whole by increasing our reach and really targeting different populations that have the potential to live, grow, and play in the Cedar Valley. Ultimately leading to other benefits like economic growth, job creation, increased development, and more.



  • Using the magazine in welcome baskets for traveling or new employees. For example, a hospital could use the magazine as a tool in welcome boxes for travelling nurses.
  • Leveraging the magazine to entice or inform new hires and recruits, such as a local HR professional sending the magazine to a new hire before they relocate for a new role.
  • Another example would be Universities using the magazine for new or recent graduates and grad students as they gear up to enter the workforce. This gives them an opportunity to better understand the local job market, housing availability, and more.


Tourism + Travel:

  • This magazine is also perfect for local hotels, offering the magazine to guests or including them in welcome packages give guests the opportunity to learn more about different parts of the Cedar Valley as well as giving them a look at what living in or relocating to the area would look like.
  • This magazine is also perfect for people stopping in town for various events, conferences, etc. Making this perfect for local convention and events centers. Again, allowing them to learn about the various aspects and benefits of the Cedar Valley.
  • Similarly, this magazine is also excellent for local travel destinations like our local airport. Using the magazine as a tool for travelers coming to or leaving the area.


Real Estate + Housing:

  • This magazine is also perfect for for local Real Estate agents and Rental Companies. Giving the magazine with welcome baskets for a recent homeowner, someone who just signed a new lease in the area, or even perspective clients still thinking about moving to the Cedar Valley. A lot of the articles focus on the lower cost of living, local job market, and the community, making this perfect for perspective adults and families looking at relocating.


Arts + Culture:

  • The Live the Valley magazine is also the perfect addition to event swag bags, art exhibition materials, or thank you gifts. Making this perfect for different museums and experience-based attractions.


We would to spotlight some of the cool ways you might be using our new Live the Valley magazine, and follow along on our social media to see some of the other ways local businesses have been utilizing it as a resource!


Interested in sharing how you or someone else has been able to use our magazine? Send us an email at for a chance to be highlighted. For additional questions or how you can get your copies contact Nicole Sallis at!