"Live the Valley" Campaign Created to Strengthen Local Workforce and Talent

posted on Friday, December 30, 2022 in Blog

“Live the Valley” Campaign Created to Strengthen Local Workforce and Attract Talent

Grow Cedar Valley (formerly Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber) recently launched a comprehensive marketing campaign with two goals - attract and retain talent in the Cedar Valley and strengthen the local workforce. The campaign has four components including collaboration with Livability Magazine, Live the Valley collectable Coasters, a website re-launch and an interview series. 

“We want to highlight all of the ways prospective residents can live, work and play right here in the Cedar Valley,” said Nicole Sallis, Director of Communications at Grow Cedar Valley. “This marketing campaign will bring together key elements that tell our story and attract professionals from a wide range of industries and professions.”

A collaboration with Livability Magazine affords local businesses a tool to promote their goods and/or services to a potential workforce. The 48-page full-color Print and Digital publication is free and currently available to the public. 

The collectable coaster campaign will feature local artists with their stories of living life in the Cedar Valley. “These coasters will be distributed to bars and restaurants throughout the year, exemplifying the creativity and vibrancy of the Cedar Valley,” explained Sallis.

Live the Valley Coaster Campaign

The Live the Valley website has been re-launched featuring outdoor recreation, career opportunities, and a cost-of-living calculator. “Our website is designed to help the prospective workforce see what is possible while enjoying life here in the Cedar Valley. An affordable cost of living is something we hope will be an added draw,” said Stephanie Detweiler, Workforce Solutions Coordinator at Grow Cedar Valley

An interview series is another component to this campaign, highlighting stories of people living and working in the Cedar Valley. “We know the power of storytelling as a recruitment tool,” said Sallis. “Stories can be relatable and memorable, and we are able to see aspects of ourselves in them. We want to highlight real people and real stories of those that love the Cedar Valley, and are thriving in this community,” said Sallis. 

Patrons can visit to view the digital copy of the Cedar Valley Livability Magazine.