Jesup and Independence Utilities Offering Gigabit Service

posted on Monday, March 2, 2015 in Blog

Like Cedar Falls, Independence and Jesup are communities that can offer up to 1 Gigabit broadband connections to businesses, schools and individuals. Farmer's Mutual Telephone of Jesup (FMT) and Independence Light and Power Telecommunications (Indytel), are investing in their communities by establishing the state-of-the- art internet backbones needed to provide this service. With a 60-day notice, 1-gig service can be established to clients in the FMT & Indytel service areas. In addition to broadband, both communication utilities provide television, and telephone services.

FMT Manager, Tony Lange, explained that all clients have a dedicated fiber connection to their home or business. FMT is a member owned Cooperative that was formed in 1902 and serves both rural and city customers.

Indytel's service area also extends beyond city limits. Telecommunication's Manage Marty Diesburg said that Indytel has established “to the curb” fiber network throughout Independence and to much of the rural area surrounding Independence. Those not connected to Indytel's broadband can be connected within hours. Indytel is a division of Independence Light and Power, a municipal owned utility that was formed in 1893.

Redundancy of service is strikingly important to maintaining top-tiered broadband service. Farmer's Mutual and Indytel are working to jointly develop duel broadband rings between their communities, their customers and to the world at large. Shared costs and services means that cost effective redundant broadband service is available to serve existing customers and will serve to attract new growth to Buchanan County.

Indytel's Marty Diesburg said, “Both entities serve small communities and are overseen by locally appointed Boards. It just makes sense to work together for a common goal.”

“We must work together to survive,” chipped in Tony Lang from FMT. “Our goal is to provide world-class service and technology. This is best accomplished when we work together.”

If you have questions, contact:

Lisa Skubal, Vice President of Economic Development, Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber by calling 319-232-1156.