KBBG Signs with Waterloo Career Center

posted on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 in Investor Highlights

WATERLOO—This summer a signing ceremony formally secured a partnership between KBBG-FM and the Waterloo Career Center (WCC). For 40 plus years, the radio station has served the Cedar Valley audience by broadcasting news, information, music and entertainment. Additionally, KBBG provides non-profit organizations a platform for reaching new clients and sharing the important work they do to help communities.

“KBBG FM 88one is thrilled to partner with Waterloo Community Schools Career Center in an effort to enhance career options for the students in the Waterloo Community School district and other participating districts. Having a wider range of experiences that include the use of broadcast technology only broadens each student’s ability to choose a career that is specific to the natural skills and talents each possesses,” said Deb Berry, President of KBBG-FM radio.

KBBG will support the digital interactive media and marketing pathways available for students at the WCC, housed in Central Middle School. Currently nine career programs are offered to high school students, with five more being added this fall. Over one-thousand students have signed up for WCC classes in the coming school year.

“KBBG is an icon in our community, so we were especially excited to sign them as a sponsor for the Waterloo Career Center. They have created an in-house studio for students to try out and get comfortable with being on the radio. They know our future rests with our children and they demonstrate it every day. I'm confident we will have many opportunities to partner with them for the good of the kids,” said Dr. Jane Lindaman, Waterloo Schools Superintendent.