Hawkeye's Agriculture Programs Win Coveted Awards

posted on Monday, July 22, 2013 in Blog

WATERLOO–At the recent Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators (IAAE) Conference, Hawkeye Community College's Agriculture Business Management program was awarded the 2013 Outstanding Post-Secondary Ag Education Program. This award recognizes post-secondary agricultural education programs for their overall success, growth, and motivation. The college was also awarded an Ideas Unlimited Award in the Continuing Education division for the new Brazil Study Abroad course for Ag Instructors.

Most careers in modern agriculture and related sciences are “hi-tech”, requiring postsecondary education. Hawkeye's Ag Business program will now move on to the regional level for further consideration, and then potentially to the national level.

Hawkeye's programs have educators who are innovators and catalysts for student success in agricultural careers. Hawkeye's Agriculture instructors have been described as enthusiastic, motivating, and inspiring. The IAAE's vision is to be the premier professional organization for advancing agricultural education.

Hawkeye has long been a leader in agriculture education in Iowa for many years on the postsecondary level. The college's Agriculture Business Management program embodies the ideals of the agricultural teaching profession through instructional methods and has become a national leader. This specialized program is experiencing record enrollment, with students going straight to the workforce or transferring onto four-year programs after completing Hawkeye's program. For more information, visit the college website at