Tips and Tricks to Host Successful Virtual Interviews

posted on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 in Grow Cedar Valley

Our current business climate has changed the way we hold interviews. Hear some tips and tricks from Grow Cedar Valley team members on how to best hold virtual interviews.

If you have any specific questions, we are more than happy to help! Reach out to any Grow Cedar Valley staff and we are happy to be a resource.

Sandi's Tips

  1. Test the Technology ahead of time. If you are using a new platform it is important to test it out the day before. 

  2. Communication is key – since this will be held virtually, make sure to communicate the process, links, and send reminders to make sure both parties on the same page 
  3. Provide a phone number to candidates in case of technical issues or unexpected conflict arises. 
  4. Decide how you will communicate the company culture without showing them the office.  
  5. Get feedback after the experience from candidates for the future. 

Will's Tips

  1. Dress the part – This helps you make a great first impression from the moment you hop on the call. 
  2. Consider your surrounding – do you have papers laying everywhere or other items that could be distracting to you or the person interviewing you? If so, try to move them out of the view of your camera. 
  3. Consider your internet. Open up your computer at least an hour before to make sure your internet is running and what your back up would be in if it were to go out.  
  4. Don’t ghost the interview. Honesty is important – if you change your mind, have tech issues, or conflict arises make sure to communicate that. 
  5. Body language. Since you are not in person for a handshake, make sure you are making eye contact, and are comfortable where you are sitting to help with confidence.

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