Live the Valley Reaches ONE MILLION

posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 in Grow Cedar Valley

Written by Aaron Jarnagin, Digital Marketing Specialist

We're excited to share that Live the Valley, a digital talent attraction and retention initiative, has reached over ONE MILLION people across the U.S. since its launch on August 28th, 2018; sharing the story of the Cedar Valley and why it is a good place, with great people and amazing opportunities. This initiative is operated by Grow Cedar Valley in partnership with the Cedar Valley Regional Partnership.

Live the Valley shares the message of the Cedar Valley through social media (Facebook and Instagram), a magazine (both in print and digital), and a website with a job board; featuring opportunities from across the Cedar Valley. Over nine-hundred and fifty jobs have been shared nationally through Live the Valley, showing the wide range of employment opportunities that the Cedar Valley has to offer.

There have been some exciting projects along the way; promoting and sharing the Cedar Valley and the benefits of calling our region home.

First, the cost of living calculator has been a game changer with increasing site engagement. It makes the calculating of cost of living easy, and it showcases the affordable cost of living in the Cedar Valley while highlighting the great opportunities here.

It only takes a moment to use. Check it out!

Second, the job board updates newsletter has increased engagement with our job board, and those who are actively seeking new positions. This weekly newsletter launched in December and sends weekly updates with new positions and what industries those positions are in. Since December, over 420 talent leads have signed up for the newsletter, and 360+ leads are currently receiving the weekly job updates.

Of those that have unsubscribed from the newsletter, many have cited that they no longer need to receive job board updates or have found employment. 60% of those who have subscribed to the newsletter are from outside of the Cedar Valley.

Live the Valley is not done yet, we are excited for the things to come, and the partnerships that have been made, propelling this initiative forward. This summer we will be co-hosting the Intern Summer Social Series, a series of events for Cedar Valley interns to connect, engage and explore area hot spots and network with peers and professionals.

If your organization has interns this Summer, you will not want to miss this! View more info.

How can you get involved with Live the Valley?

Easy and most-importantly, submit your jobs to the Live the Valley job board. Showcasing all the opportunities here is paramount to showcasing the wide variety of opportunities and industries that the Cedar Valley has to offer. The Cedar Valley is in the top 25% of communities nationwide in regards to industry diversity.

Also, share content with us! We love to know when there are exciting things going on in the Cedar Valley, and it's hard to catch them all. So, reach out!

Thank you to those who have both already. You have been a key part of this initiatives success and continued success moving forward.