Fun Fridays at Farmers State Bank

posted on Friday, June 21, 2024 in Grow Cedar Valley

Fun Fridays at FSB

At Farmers State Bank in Waterloo, the end of the work week comes with a twist of fun and camaraderie. This beloved tradition, known as Fun Fridays, has become a staple of their office culture, creating a sense of community and teamwork among employees.

The Inspiration Behind Fun Fridays

The inspiration behind Fun Fridays began organically. It started with staff members wanting to celebrate random holidays like National Donut Day or participate in trending topics like the fast food chicken sandwich wars. As the excitement grew, it was clear that a core group of individuals was always at the helm, organizing these celebrations for the entire office. To ensure a more equitable distribution of effort and to increase participation, the office was divided into 12 teams, each responsible for hosting an event once a year. This not only spread the workload but also ensured that everyone at Tower Park had a chance to get involved.

Monthly Team Activities

Each month, a different team is tasked with planning and hosting an event. These events, which take place during business hours, can range from providing little snacks to organizing cocktail hours, contests, or engaging activities. Notable past events include the office Olympics, goofy golf, escape rooms, and puzzle games. 

The Impact on Office Culture

The impact of Fun Fridays on the office culture at FSB has been profound. These activities offer a chance for employees to take a break from their daily routines and engage in friendly competition. The cross-section teams encourage teamwork among staff members who might not usually work together, promoting different ways of thinking, creativity, and organizational skills. It provides an opportunity for some to step out of their comfort zones and for others to shine in new roles.

Leadership's Role in Fun Fridays

Leadership at Farmers State Bank plays a crucial role in the success of Fun Fridays. They not only participate in the activities but also actively encourage everyone to join in. This involvement from the top down helps break down communication barriers and creates a more inclusive environment. When executives step back and allow others to lead an activity, it positively changes the office dynamics. It also doesn’t hurt to see your boss or CEO let loose and be a little goofy, adding a human touch to leadership.

Vicki Parsons, Vice President of Farmers State Bank, emphasizes the importance of having great leadership to support and make such initiatives happen. "We actively take part in the activities and encourage everyone to participate. It has broken down some barriers in communication. When a member of the exec team takes a step back and lets someone else lead the activity, it can be a really positive change in office dynamics."

For organizations looking to implement similar fun and team-building activities to enhance their workplace culture, Parsons offers this advice: "Find what works for your team! Not all staff can participate at the same time, so creating opportunities for fun where everyone can join in for a few minutes is key."

The Power of Fun Fridays

Farmers State Bank's Fun Fridays are more than just a break from the routine; they are a testament to the power of team-building activities in creating a positive, dynamic workplace. Through the support of great leadership and the enthusiastic participation of employees, Fun Fridays have become an integral part of FSB’s vibrant office culture, making the workweek a little brighter and a lot more enjoyable.