A Message from the CEO: Looking forward to Growing the Cedar Valley

posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 in Grow Cedar Valley

Cary Darrah, CEO & President of Grow Cedar ValleyWritten by Grow Cedar ValleyPresident & CEO, Cary Darrah

These past weeks, months, and days have been a true test of how strong and resilient the Cedar Valley community is. I hope we are all starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps we are even on the road to recovery and closing in on getting back to business as usual. If not, you can be assured that time will come. 

One thing that has become apparently evident through all of this – the Cedar Valley is strong.  There are countless tales of bravery and selfless giving, generous support for our community neighbors, and resounding proof that we are proud of where we call home. As time presses on, I challenge everyone to remember how our community rallied to support our nonprofits, small businesses, and the local economy; and to continue that effort. 

These unprecedented times have also required our employers and workforce to be creative about the ways we conduct business. Many employees are working from home, using flexible schedules to balance home and life, replacing in-person meetings with online meetings, and companies are streamlining internal operations and revamping production processes.  While many of these options are not new concepts, we are now seeing them through a new lens and have tested their viability. The question now becomes how can we leverage this new knowledge and use it to strengthen our businesses as we move forward. 

Please know that Grow Cedar Valley is here to help your business through it all – the turbulent and unknown times, periods of recovery, as well as growth and expansion. We are here to answer your questions, connect you with resources, and support you.  Together we can ensure our community comes back stronger than ever!