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posted on Monday, February 13, 2023 in Government Affairs

Grow Cedar Valley

February 13, 2023

The results of the second annual Iowa Chamber Alliance Talent Poll revealed some important and interesting trends. At our February 10 Friday Forum, Dustin Miller, ICA's Executive Director, shared the findings of the Talent Poll.

Mr. Miller said the question “Why Iowa?” has continued to show perceived areas of strength for the state in its cost of living, a small-town feel, safety when compared against other states, and that the sentiment of “Iowa nice” is real. While this is a great base to build from, Miller told the group that the responses showed there are several opportunities to improve Iowa’s marketability.  Entertainment opportunities continue to present a challenge with 45% saying Iowa’s are inferior to other states and, while outdoor recreation continues to be a major selling point, respondents 18-29 were more likely to consider recreational opportunities to be inferior and also a major consideration for leaving Iowa.  He also noted that there is a mismatch between real and perceived career opportunities in the state.  Respondents recognized that there is a shortage of people to pursue all of the available jobs, however many identified lack of career possibilities as a reason they might consider leaving Iowa.

The GCV investors participating in the virtual meeting appreciated having Mr. Miller join the conversation and they had a lively exchange with him at the end of his presentation.  More information about the findings of the current ICA Talent Poll can be found at