Grow Cedar Valley Air Service Working Group

posted on Monday, January 11, 2021 in Economic Development

Grow Cedar Valley Air Service Working Group’s goal is to assist the City of Waterloo and the Waterloo Airport Board to maximize the economic benefit of the Waterloo Regional Airport for the Cedar Valley.

The working group’s primary goal is to facilitate improvements in commercial air service at the Airport. Group members include private and public partners from across the Cedar Valley who have a strong interest in further growing and developing the Waterloo Regional Airport.

The Air Service working group supported the Director’s retention of an air service consultant including a visit with American Airlines to strengthen the relationship. The workgroup created a funding stream for raising money through CFNEIA to sustain the airline consultant’s contract.

In collaboration with the Airport Director and his Board, the Grow Cedar Valley Air Service Working group is working on helping the airport with marketing initiatives.

  • Volaire Aviation continues to be retained for on-going support of air service retention and development efforts using privately raised funds.
  • An ALO marketing committee was formed and is currently working on the following items:
    • Outbound passenger survey
    • Website and branding redevelopment
    • Marketing plan for the next six to nine months and relationship with Advance Aviation, a full-service marketing company for small and medium-sized airports