Growing the Cedar Valley


Growing the Cedar Valley

Economic and community development can often be difficult to define. We define it as fostering partnerships to support and invest in our businesses, communities, and community members as well as inviting others to take part. When we do these things well, we are #GrowingTheCedarValley.

How did your business help in #GrowingTheCedarValley? Share and celebrate with us!

Share a blog or article about how your business has developed or grow!

Examples could be:

  • Sell a new service or pivot an existing one
  • Learn to work remotely
  • Bring on a new team member
  • etc.

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#GrowingTheCedarValley is all about Business, Community, and Opportunity!

#GrowingTheCedarValley is about supporting businesses, organizations, and people. Grow Cedar Valley investors know that it takes high-quality relationships, opportunities, teamwork, and commitment. By being a part of the region’s leading business organization, they are taking steps to effectively maximize all of these areas.

Join 800+ business locations, organizations, and individuals and invest in #GrowingTheCedarValley!

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