Workforce Initiatives

We know that continuous collaboration with our community partners to attract, retain and expand the Cedar Valley is critical for the Cedar Valley community to grow. Learn about how some of the collaborative efforts that we are working with our partners to provide the Cedar Valley.



Cedar Valley Leadership Institute: An 8-month program designated to foster community awareness while developing individual leadership skills. Participants in CVLI will listen to presentations, discuss issues, participate in class activities, visit with Cedar Valley business leaders, and tour facilities.


Economic Inclusion: Focused on strengthening the Cedar Valley through promoting full inclusion in business, and to focus on the importance, impact, and benefits to business of effective inclusion practices.


Live the Valley: Talent attraction and retention initiative to promote and celebrate what it’s like to live, work and play in the Cedar Valley. Live that Valley shares the story of the Cedar Valley through a strong social media presence, a website and magazine.


Leader Valley: Leader Valley is a business-education partnership dedicated to preparing the future Cedar Valley talent pool and strengthening the existing talent pool through leadership development offerings. Leader Valley’s hallmark preK-12 program, Leader in Me, is preparing students for success by providing them with the essential employability skills needed for a life of effectiveness and competitive advantage in the workforce.


Job Board: There are hundreds of opportunities in dozens of industries in the Cedar Valley. The Cedar Valley Job Board on Live the Valley is a great way to promote positions that you are looking to fill in your company. This job board is shared on a regional and national level through Live the Valley. It also is shared with a newsletter of 350+ active job seekers who have signed up to receive emails from Live the Valley.